zooeydeschanels replied to your post: Starting Spartacus: Gods of the Arena right now.

I’m on season 2, I had to see what was going to happen next :) then I’m onto GotA.

You are watching season 2 first? They told me it’s better to watch the miniseries first because it has spoilers O_O OMG WHAT DO I DO KNOW?

  1. lilkisara said: Keep watching the mini series before S2. GANNICUS!!!! :3
  2. its-a-matter-of-heart said: Yes, you have to watch the miniseries before because there are some things you will not understand if you watch season 2 before ! :)
  3. oswinxchinboy said: Secondo me è meglio vedere GotA prima perchè altrimenti ci sono cose della seconda che non riesci a capire
  4. glitteringspark said: well if you ask me, it’s better to watch blood and sand first, like you said: to avoid spoilers :)
  5. zooeydeschanels said: Nah, watching the prequel might actually work better because I think there are characters from the prequel in the second season and you get more backstory. But I’m already halfway though it haha, so too late now :P
  6. notkate-argent said: whatwhat. it should go s1 - miniseries - s2. the miniseries doesn’t have spoilers for s2, but it does for s1. m a j o r spoilers for s1, lmao.
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