Fanfiction problems:



You want to read the story again. It was well written, and the plot was genius.You remember everything about the story. Except the title and author.

“You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want.” — S.E. Hinton, The Outsiders (via lastisle)

Colin? Your rapey neighbor? Do we call him that? Just behind your back.

“It bothers me that no one has the patience to deal with someone who is just sad.” — (via childish-cambino)


Savva Brodsky

a Soviet artist, book illustrator, architect, 
sculptor and poet

Shakespeare graphics


Ruins with Obelisk in the Distance, 1775

~ Hubert Robert



Dydia medieval AU

'I'm to be your wife.' Lydia offered him her sweetest smile. Derek glanced down at her. He was tall, broad shouldered and terribly handsome with a few days' worth of stubble on his face. His eyes looked grey in the dim torchlight but Lydia liked what she saw. (X)




okay so imagine an au where the potters live. harry dates oliver wood briefly. james hears of this and pulls harry aside. stares him in the eye with a deadly serious face
“he’s a Keeper”

You made an entire AU that would alter almost every facet of that series
For a pun
You’re a beautiful person.

"Are you serious right now, Dad?"

"No, I’m not serious. I’m Dad. He’s Sirius."